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Ancaster Hamilton ON Rooms & Roomies

Found | $700

Trevor, Male, 43yrs

Looking in: Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Hamilton

I am a easy going, caring, considerate, genuine, sincere, quiet person. I am good with either a night in or a night out as well. I am clean, respectful of others.

Found | $600

Charlotte, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton

I’m a mature, responsible female. I’m looking for something more quiet but hoping to find a roommate I enjoy spending time with! I’m hoping to also find an above ground apartment with lots of natural light. I’m a full time student at Mohawk college in Child and Youth Care. I also work for Community Living in Brant. I have a small dog named Poppy.

Found | $600

Ky, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Ancaster, Waterdown, Oakville, Hamilton

Hi there! New grad entering the professional world, and looking to be closer to work. I'm a clean, easy-going individual. I like to work out, hike, camp, travel and spend time with friends :) No pets to speak of, though I do like pets!

Found | $1,000

Shelby , Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Ancaster

So clean and love to cook for people. Hardly home and when I am I'm like a ghost, you wont even know I am home.

Found | $650

Jennifer, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Waterdown, Waterdown, Oakville, Ancaster, Burlington

Seeking pet-friendly accommodation! I have a very friendly, playful cat. -student, was previously a nursing student. -currently working in the medical field -love to cook -team player -respectful Huge introvert: if you ever spot me- you'll catch me reading news, studies, non-fic. & listening to music, podcasts via headphones of course!

Found | $600

Samia, Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton

Looking for a clean, quiet & respectful person to find an apartment with near Mcmaster to split living costs! Must be chill with Animals, as I have two cats.😺 😺


Althea, Female, 25yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Milton, Oakville, Ancaster, Burlington, Hamilton

I'm a current university student working part time. Looking for a female roommate. I'm quiet, clean and respectful. I enjoy my alone time but I'm very social and enjoy getting to know others :) I'm Looking to live with a roommate/roommates that are down to earth, friendly, and clean.

Found | $500

Ethan, Male, 20yrs

Looking in: Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Westdale South, Ancaster

I'm really easy going. Not a total slob but not a neat freak either. I like cooking a lot too.

Rented | $750 inc

Ancaster, ON

Unfurnished room with own bathroom

4200 sq ft house with 10 foot ceilings on a quite corner lot located in Ancaster on a court. Very close to Redeemer University College. Professional mid 30's divorced guy looking to share this massive home with one other person. All utilities are included. We have ultra high speed internet with 1 GB download per second! I am looking for 1500 dollars per month which gives you two bedrooms and your own private bathroom. YOU MUST RENT BOTH ROOMS as I do not want to rent them out individually which will increase the amount of people living in the house. Shared living room, dining room and kitchen on the main level. The house also has a swim spa, BBQ and a large backyard to relax in.

New | $550

Joshua, Male, 19yrs

Looking in: Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster

I keep things clean, cook once a week and spend most of my time working away from home. I like classic rock music and am an easy going guy.

Found | $900

Tonya, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Ancaster

I am a student at Redeemer University College studying Social work. I enjoy working out and chilling with friends.


Ancaster, ON

Furnished room in a share house

Two female professionals (22 and 27) looking for a couple more female roommates to join us in leasing a lovely Ancaster home! A little bit about us/the house: - large yard - lots of parking - stainless steel appliances -two separate living spaces with fireplaces - modern/ well kept Roommate 1: Registered practical nurse/full-time BScN student. I have a large dog, "Cash" who is a gentle giant. I love to be outdoors in my spare time and always keep busy with extra courses. Roommate 2: Work with the city and take an interest in wellness. I love the outdoors and keep an active lifestyle. I'm usually busy participating in extracurricular activities such as yoga, hiking, snowboarding, and more! We are both busy and have lots going on but are open to either people who want to do their own thing or hang out and do things together as roommies!! If you're interested in grabbing a coffee to get to know us feel free to send out a message!


Kim, Female, 58yrs

Looking in: Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Burlington, Burlington, Burlington, Burlington, Burlington, Burlington, Ancaster

I am looking for a new place to call home. I am quiet and respectful of others. I enjoy a good walk in the country and cooking. I am looking to move to Southern Ontario to be closer to family.

Found | $650

Stephen , Male, 56yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Hamilton, Brantford

clean quiet professional just looking for a temporary living arrangement

Found | $700

Mateja, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Hamilton

Single, employed, no pets, love to cook. Allergic to cats, love dogs. Spend a lot of time out of the house, social but also love q good book and peace. Hamilton born and raised and proud of it. Like to fish, sunbathe, live music and long car rides.


Adele.L, Female, 36yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Beamsville, Grimsby, Dundas, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Hamilton

I'm very quiet, good cook, thorough cleaner, sociable however I spend most of my time in my bedroom when I'm not working or visiting family and friends. I can sleep through anything, so noise is not an issue for me. I'm a great writer, so if you ever need help with a letter, resume etc I'm the one you go to. Im open minded and thrive on learning as much as possible; painting, knitting, convincing my friends to start a band, writing, dancing, improv, trivia, speed reading etc... everything with the exception of heights. I'm the female version of Tiger Woods *golf abilities only*. Employed full time as Pharmacy Technician. There's too much about me to mention. Favourite places to go are the library, bookstores ( especially used), and any place with samples. I believe parking should be free and I still love buying CD's. My knowledge of The Simpsons and Seinfeld may save your life one day. I'm just looking for a roommate that is trustworthy and respectful.

Found | $500

Goran, Male, 66yrs

Looking in: Hamilton, Ancaster, Dundas

Non smoker, quiet, I spend 4-5 months out of Canada


Jocelynne, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Meadowlands, Ancaster, Hamilton

I am a pretty clean and quiet person. I'm employed and study full-time at Mohawk so I'm not home a whole lot. In my spare time I prefer to be out of the house either doing something outdoors like hiking, or exploring new places.


Mauricio, Male, 20yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Hamilton

quiet, clean

Found | $800

Nea, Female, 40yrs

Looking in: Ancaster

Hello, I am looking to rent a room for my daughter and me. She is 16 years old and lives with me for the school year (until June) and then moves back with her dad. She is at school so wouldn't be home during the days, and I just left my job due to complications, but I am actively searching while also applying to go back to school. With that, I am still able to pay first and last and have always been on time with rent payments. Thank you so much for your time and consideration and we hope to hear back from you soon.


Marek, Male, 36yrs

Looking in: Burlington, Meadowlands, Dundas, Stoney Creek, Ancaster

Professional Banker looking to downsize.

Found | $400

Ayman, Male, 37yrs

Looking in: Ancaster

I like quite and safe environment and would appreciate the people living with me

Found | $600

Crystal, Female, 67yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Mount Hope, Hamilton

Quiet lady, I enjoy companionship but need private space as well. Happy to share some household duties for reduced rent. I would like to have a dog at some time in the future but am allergic to cats. I have my own furniture and would like to stay in the Hamilton mountain area. Thanks

Found | $1,000

Shamberly, Couple, 25yrs

Looking in: Paris, Brant, Ancaster, Brantford

We are both clean organized individuals.

Found | $700

KENOL, Male, 46yrs

Looking in: Ancaster

My name is , (affectionatly known as Kk) am 47yrs old and I presently reside in Hamilton. I am also a home owner/landlord but had to relocate to Hamilton because of work.Presently am employed as a Special Needs Youth worker in Hamilton where I work with teenage boys in a group home, who have behavioral issues or who are on the Autism spectrum.I am also a photographer and have been envolved in media for a number of years. Personally I dont smoke ,drink or party.When am not working I will be studying. You can feel rest assured that I would be very responsible tenant. Cheers

Found | $600

Anna, Female, 21yrs

Looking in: Ancaster

I’m a full time student at Southern Ontario Dental College. I’m working part time as well. I’m kind and outgoing, love when everything is clean and organized.

Rented | $800 inc

Ancaster, ON

Furnished room in an Apartment

This is a fully renovated apartment just blocks from vibrant James Street North. The apartment has 11’ high ceilings, new floors, windows and lighting, recently renovated beautiful spacious kitchens with breakfast bar, quartz counters, and stainless steel appliances (incl DW and washer dryer). Apartment has 2 private entrances, is furnished and includes high speed wifi and all utilities. Please contact me if your interested. Thank you

Found | $500

Lloyd, Male, 68yrs

Looking in: Stoney Creek, Ancaster, Hamilton

Very quiet and clean. I do not drink or smoke.

Found | $500

Gary, Male, 63yrs

Looking in: Ancaster

Never there, always working.

Listings near Ancaster

Found | $600

Cassidy, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Central Hamilton, Westdale South, Ancaster, Dundas

I am a pretty quiet person, very clean. I am normally gone once a month for work in the US and I spend my weekends up north camping - so I am not home too often. I am a big hiker, camper, kayaker, and climber. I really enjoy new restaurants, craft breweries, and cafes. I don't smoke or have pets (I am very allergic to cats).

Found | $650

Kelly, Female, 49yrs

Looking in: Burlington, Ancaster, Dundas, Hamilton

Respectful, clean and down to earth.

Found | $500

Cora, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Brant, Ancaster, Hamilton, Brantford

Hello, my name is Cora and I am a full time worker and I will be going to school full time. Just looking for a room to rent beginning Nov 1. Super quite and because I'll be so busy with a job, school, hobbies, and travelling you may not even see me or we might say hi every once in a while. I'm pretty quite, and reserved. Id like to have other female roommates!


Maaike, Female, 26yrs

Looking in: Paris, Brantford, Ancaster

Full time Dental Hygiene student at the Southern Ontario Dental college

Found | $600

Danielle, Female, 30yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Hamilton

I'm clean and quiet. I'm at work Monday-Friday for a 9-5 and spend the evening in my room.

Found | $900

JC, Female, 33yrs

Looking in: Burlington, Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Ancaster

Easy going, quiet, respectful.

Found | $1,000

Kaitlin, Female, 27yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Oakville, Bronte, Hamilton, Burlington

Young professional, dog lover, not a big party person.

Found | $650

Megan, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton

I'm a cheerful, creative woman. My BA is in Visual Art and I've been working office jobs to pay the bills and making art on the side as well as volunteering at some art non profits. I'm super excited to throw myself into studies, though, as I begin a Masters Program at McMaster Divinity College in September. I've got two friendly and cuddly male neutered 5-year-old cats who are best friends with each-other and everyone they meet. I'm pretty laid back and quiet around the house though I'm always happy to chat. I don't smoke or party. My idea of a good time is a quiet night in making art or perhaps having some friends over for dinner or board games. I would love to be friends me my housemates! Looking to share with women.

Found | $400

Richard , Male, 37yrs

Looking in: Hamilton, Ancaster, Ancaster Heights

Clean, quiet and keep to myself.

Found | $800

Ali, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Ancaster, Hamilton, Dundas

I am a young professional working at McMaster Children’s Hospital who would like accommodations closeby. I am quiet, clean, and prefer no parties held at the accommodations. Message me for any further details! :)

Found | $400

Jen, Female, 50yrs

Looking in: Waterdown, Dundas, Ancaster, Grimsby, Stoney Creek, Hamilton

Frugal, amazing cook, gardening, canning and preserving, enjoys taking out the garbage, speaks a few languages (and you can learn a few too!). I'm recently separated after a lengthy marriage, and relieved. My four, adult kids are independently doing their thing around the globe. I love animals but I don't keep company with any one particular canine or feline friend at the moment. I like animals so much that I don't eat them. I will eat dairy if I know the goat personally. My clients are people who want to speak a second or third, etc. language. We meet via video call, so I work mostly from home. I'm hoping to find an enterprising roommate that also likes to make maximum use of the available resources. I'm an artist, but I wear a very convincing costume that suggests otherwise. I don't consume alcohol or smoke tobacco, but I'm rather 420 friendly. And I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Found | $1,050

Salaheddine, Male, 22yrs

Looking in: King City, Maple Lane Annex, Dundas, Fitch Bay

I am a 22-year-old boy from Italy, sociable and polite. I came here to make a 1 year international experience and meet positive people for live in peace. I smoke but never inside the house (the smell of smoke in the house bothered me a lot). I work in a part-time restaurant and sometimes I deliver food to round up. I am looking for a private furnished room in a house / apartment / condominium in Downtown at the price of 700-1100 CAD (the price depends on the services of course).

Rented | $900 inc


1.46mi from Ancaster

Room with own bathroom

Hello! I am a 26 year old resident physician at McMaster. I own a beautiful new townhome in Ancaster and am looking for a great person to kick it with after work! The second bedroom is currently furnished but this is flexible. There is a private 4 piece bathroom. The price of 900 includes all utilities and internet :) I have a very lovey dovey cat named Rosie who will steal your heart. Close to groceries and shopping, easy 15 min drive to downtown Hamilton. Preference for other young professionals who are cat friendly :)

Found | $600

Ipshita, Female, 28yrs

Looking in: Hamilton, Mohawk Meadows

I am an Indian. I am least interfering. I am sincere, studious and ambitious. I neither drink nor smoke. I enjoy reading books and watching documentries I do not like loud music. I like to cook.

Found | $300

Arshdeep Rai , Female, 19yrs

Looking in: Mohawk Meadows

I'm student so environment should be good for study

Found | $300

Sukh, Female, 23yrs

Looking in: Mohawk Meadows

Good atmosphere

Found | $500

Krupa, Couple, 23-26yrs

Looking in: Mohawk Meadows, Hamilton, Hamilton

easy acces to bus stand near to mohawk college


Dundas, ON

2.76mi from Ancaster

Furnished room in a share house

The Home is in Dundas, Specious Clean and very comfortable. Transportation: Next to bus stop that takes you to downtown Hamilton in about 30 min, and McMaster 15min. Dishwasher ; Laundry in-suit , Internet is included in the rent. Two washroom ( Shared with only two other tenants) There are a total of 4 rooms, One Room is available for rent for $590+ $50 for utility total of $640. Rules: *We require first and last month rent. *Smoking is prohibited. *Respecting all others. *Keeping the house clean and quite. If interested Email us with your information: 1- Your Occupation ? 2- Why are you looking to move? 3- When are you looking to move in? And we’ll get back to you with a time and date to view the place. Thank you,


Mercedes , Female, 32yrs

Looking in: Saint-Michel-des-Saints, West Saint Modeste, Westbourne, Kildonan Park, West Willow Woods, Ainslie Wood West

I am going for studies to Vancouver. I would like to share with a roomate for a while. I have good sense of humor, I like to keep everything neat, No smoking, I like pets. I am very responsable and prompt.

$438 inc

Ainslie Wood West, ON

3.63mi from Ancaster

Room in a share house

we're first years at mcmaster, going into second year and we have 2 cats and a dog. We're very friendly and easy going. the house is close to mcmaster and close to the plaza with popeyes.

Found | $650

Parminder, Couple, 23-24yrs

Looking in: Hamilton, Dundurn, Dundas, Westdale South

I like cleanliness, also energetic, professional and respectful person I am.

Found | $500

Juan Carlos, Male, 44yrs

Looking in: Dundas

I am a microbiologist, currently, I work for Tim Hortons, in the Roasting Plant as a QA technician, in the afternoon (2:00-10:30 PM). I am quiet person.


Sophia, Female, 29yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Eglington, Keelesdale - Eglinton West

I like a quiet place, I like to say generally clean and healthy.

Found | $1,400

Cassandra, Female, 32yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Millgrove Station, Waterdown

I'm a full time RPN and mother to a 4 year old daughter who I have part-time. I am independent, hard working, respectful and reliable.

Found | $1,500

Mani, Friends, 27-34yrs

Looking in: Heart's Delight-Islington, Dundas, Eglington

We look for a shared room to stay long.

Found | $500

Ilikefarts, Female, 30yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Hamilton

quiet,clean, two cats both fixed, respectful

Found | $1,100

Laura, Female, 50yrs

Looking in: Milton, Waterdown, Dundas, Burlington

Clean, keep to myself, have one small house trained dog. I love to cook and garden.

Found | $650

Cher Beaudin, Female, 38yrs

Looking in: Dundas

I am a quiet, clean,& respectful female.. Non smoker & no pets...


Justin, Male, 33yrs

Looking in: Central Hamilton, Dundas, Hamilton, Durand

I work the continental night shift at stackpole international powdered metal division 7pm-7am. Im not loud or around often and when I am Im usually sleeping. I'm patient and neat and a little OCD about clutter as it stresses me out.

Found | $800

Dave, Male, 42yrs

Looking in: Stoney Creek, Greenville, Waterdown, Flamborough, Dundas

I'm very quiet, more into reading, carving and puttering around outside or in a workshop/garage rather than wild parties. Ideally looking for something rural but within walking distance to places to shop as I don't drive... Looking for a place to rent long term... I never smoke indoors or leave butts lying around, and rarely drink. I don't have any pets but don't have any problems with people who do, even ones that have free range of the house.

Found | $600

Peter, Male, 56yrs

Looking in: Dundas

Friendly, outgoing, respectable, well organized, considerate

Found | $400

Mandeep, Female, 24yrs

Looking in: Dundas Harbour, Dundas, Oxford Station, Fanshawe, Highbury

I am self enthusiastic and disciplined

Found | $800

Shravani, Female, 35yrs

Looking in: Dundas

I'm IT professional lady working in downtown, looking for a room to share with female only.

Found | $500

Jatin, Male, 25yrs

Looking in: Downtown, London, Dundas

Non-smoker, require neat & clean surrounding, love to socialize.

Found | $600

Josh, Male, 24yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Hamilton

Easy going, clean person, focus on studies but likes to have fun, hockey

Found | $550

Jeremy, Male, 45yrs

Looking in: Dundas, Stoney Creek, Hamilton

I am quiet and clean with a great sense of humor. I was born and raised in Hamilton. I lived in Toronto for 15 years where I worked in the movie and television industry. I enjoy building and fixing bicycles....correction, I enjoy building or fixing anything!